CIRRUS is a Nordic-Baltic network of Art and Design higher education. There are 20 excellent art and design schools from the Nordics and the Baltics in the circle of this cooperation. The central activities of the partner institutions are art and design, including innovative activities, technical development and artistic practices.

Design for Happiness

Design for Happiness
– How can design make a difference in sustainable wellbeing for all?
The course invites students to Finland, the World’s Happiest Country, to work together on how design can make a difference in sustainable wellbeing for all, including the earth.
The course focus on the SDG goals and how nature, creativity, and co-creation can be used as tools in order to reach the SDG goals.
This intensive course emerges from the peer-learning, collaboration and contribution of students from different design disciplines and cultures. Innovative and expressive solutions are produced collectively with the use of ecocentric design practice, design thinking methods, and co-creation. During this course, the focus lies on doing and on the process, this time the end-result is secondary.
Learning outcomes
– to work as a member of multidisciplinary and multicultural team
– to awaken the mind to see solutions, shift perspective, and generate unexpected actions
– to implement an ecocentric design approach and practice
The course is open for all BA-level design students, interested to work conceptually in multidisciplinary teams.
Workshop week at Lahti Campus, Finland: 16-20 October 2023
Course lecturers: Sara Bengts, Senior Lecturer of Visual Communication
Study places available: Max 10 students in CIRRUS
Apply to join the course by: 22.9.2023 by sending a letter of interest to
Grant for CIRRUS students: 330 EUR travel (Iceland travel 660 EUR), weekly allowance 250 EUR