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Express course in Lithuania: Bronze casting workshop – Bell casting

Title: Bronze casting workshop – Bell casting
Dates of the workshop: March 20-30, 2023
Teachers: Tutors David Snoo Wilson (United Kingdom), Remigija Vaitkutė (Lithuania, VDA).
Seats: 3

Course overview:

Metal casting occupies an important place in the jewelry and metal art program of Vilnius Academy of Arts, Telšiai Faculty.

This year we have the opportunity to invite a bell casting specialist. No preliminary work is required. The works will be performed using modern bronze casting technology – ceramic shell. Bells casting is an untested technology and practice.


Application deadline: March 5, 2023

How to apply: Please send a motivational letter by email

Additional requirements/information: The Telšiai faculty owns a dormitory and all students can be accommodated there for a special rate – 55€ (for 10 days). The host will also provide all necessary materials for work – except metal for casting. To buy metal, students will be requested to pay a €50 fee. Considering the specifics of the work, it would be good if the students brought more appropriate clothing for the work (work aprons, thick-soled shoes).


Course programme:

Day 1 – Familiarization with goals and objectives. Modeling.

Day 2 – Making bell models using clay and wax.

Day 3 –  Completion of models.

Day 4 – Fastening of gutter systems.

Day 5 – Forming the ceramic shell

Day 6 – Taking wax off and burning of the wax

Day 7 – Bronze casting

Day 8 – Exhibition of works.

Student work exhibition will held at the end of the course.