CIRRUS is a Nordic-Baltic network of Art and Design higher education. There are 20 excellent art and design schools from the Nordics and the Baltics in the circle of this cooperation. The central activities of the partner institutions are art and design, including innovative activities, technical development and artistic practices.


1923 September 2022

The workshop will be held at the Design Department of Vilnius Academy of Arts and will be led by Germans Ermičs (, a renowned Latvian designer living and working in Amsterdam. For the last few years, the designer has been creating characteristic glass furniture, expressive in form and colour. Ermičs’ objects are hard to miss on social media, and his popularity has not gone unnoticed by clients such as Instagram.
ENG / Short bio:

Latvianborn Germans Ermičs maintains a design studio in Amsterdam. His recent works are refined and ethereal pieces of glass furniture and immersive installations, wielding light, space, and colour to catalyze a shift in how we perceive objects. In Ermičs’s designs, glass becomes the stage for exquisite colour treatments and experiences; soft and frosted to blur the edges of the form, ombré, to gently draw your eyes across the surface, or mirrored, to reflect and stimulate the space you occupy.

Workshop programme:

19 (Monday) 10.30 a.m. 10.30 am 10.30 am, Room 112, Titanic (or Titanic Courtyard, weather permitting) public lecture by Germans Ermičs. After the lecture
start of the workshop with the participants;

2022 (TuesdayThursday) intensive creative process, group discussions and
consultations with the designer;

23rd finalisation of the projects, public presentation and exhibition.

The workshop is attended by 3rd and 4th year Bachelor and Master students of the Design Department of Vilnius Academy of Arts. Students of other higher education institutions are also welcome to register for the workshop.
Seats: 3

Application deadline: 15th September
Apply: send a short motivation letter and a link to your portfolio to

After you have received confirmation that you’ve been accepted, please download, fill in the application sign in, send to your home university’s CIRRUS coordinator and then to Thereafter we will the grant to you directly. NB! No handwritten forms please.

Grant amount: 330 travel (Iceland 660) + 70 weekly allowance. All sums in EUR.