CIRRUS is a Nordic-Baltic network of Art and Design higher education. There are 20 excellent art and design schools from the Nordics and the Baltics in the circle of this cooperation. The central activities of the partner institutions are art and design, including innovative activities, technical development and artistic practices.

Register now: CIRRUS Leadership Meeting in AHO, Norway. March 29 – 30, 2023


Welcome to a CIRRUS Leadership Seminar at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) in Oslo!
Dates: Wednesday March 29th to Thursday March 30th 2023.

The registration to this event is closed now. 

There will be a participation fee (to cover coffee-breaks, lunches, dinner, sauna, museum visit), exact amount to be announced soon.


The CIRRUS leadership seminar will be an opportunity to spend time together sharing experiences in Oslo and discussing leadership challenges that we have in common, and learn from each other. The seminar will include a workshop where we will have the opportunity to discuss delicate leadership issues that you may not be able to discuss with your own colleagues.

Therefore, as previously decided by the CIRRUS board, there will only be one participant from each institution. There are many possible themes to be discussed, however we believe that focusing on our role as leaders, sharing experiences and focusing on the daily individual leader’s challenges is the most valuable for this CIRRUS leadership seminar, and will be the focus for both days. Our environments are small and our leadership colleagues few and far between, we know that design leadership in higher education can be a lonely place. So let’s get together and support each other.

Tentative Schedule

Possible joint dinner or drinks for those arriving on Tuesday March 28 at own cost.

Day 1 / Wednesday March 29th
Voluntary meet at 10 for tour of AHO
11.00 Early lunch at AHO
12.00 Workshop: leadership challenges
Focus on the individual leaders everyday challenges in our roles as heads of departments and the like.

Break with snacks

16.15 sauna on the Oslo Fjord outside the Opera
18.30 Munch museum
20.00 dinner at the Munch Museum

Day 2 / Thursday March 30th
09.00 continuation workshop
12.00 lunch at the Food halls near AHO
For those who would like to, we recommend visiting the new National Museum in Oslo.
Depending on interest we can make a group visit.
Departure at your own discretion.


Suggestion for the hotel: Hotel Scandic Vulkan, which is the closest hotel to AHO. (Pre-bookings have been made under reference “48345115” with 1550 NOK per night (appr 145 EUR), including breakfast). Please e-mail to to book your room there.


If you have topics you’d like to be discussed there, please turn to the Chair of the CIRRUS board, Ruth Melioranski.