CIRRUS is a Nordic-Baltic network of Art and Design higher education. There are 20 excellent art and design schools from the Nordics and the Baltics in the circle of this cooperation. The central activities of the partner institutions are art and design, including innovative activities, technical development and artistic practices.

CIRRUS EXPRESS Ceramics + Print

CIRRUS EXPRESS Ceramics + Print

Title of course: Printed view on Ceramics “Discovieries from Nida“


Place: VAA Nida Art Colony (E. A. Jonušo str. 3, LT-93127 Neringa, Lithuania)

Teacher(s): Assoc. Prof. Dalia Laučkaitė-Jakimavičienė(LT), Prof. Rytas Jakimavičius (LT); visiting teachers: Assoc. Prof. Dainis Pundurs (LV), Dr. Kerstin Abraham(DE)

Teaching period: 2018, September 18-28

ECTS: 1,5

Application deadline:  June 22nd, 2018

Number of available place for Cirrus students: 3

Level: (BA)

How to apply: please send the portfolio to Assoc. Prof. Dalia Laučkaitė-Jakimavičienėby e-mail:      

The results regarding the applications will be sent to the applicants by email, on the 2ndof July, 2018.


CIRRUS grant available: 330 travel (660 Iceland) EUR + weekly allowance 70 EUR


The course focuses on transferring printed imageon ceramic surfaces as well as on theoretical and practical knowledge of overglaze materials, traditional and innovative third firing techniques of ceramic surface treatment; various ways to experiment and search for new possibilities of application of the aforesaid methods; to develop perception of formal and conceptual link between a form and surface.

During the practice students work withoverglaze materialsand acquire knowledge of traditional and innovative methods (painting, drawing, decals, transfer of digital image on ceramics). Emphasis is laid on computer rendered laser print decals and ways of their production.

Students take photos of objects found in Nida, surrounding landscapes (main theme – Discovieries from Nida, that is – from various things found on the beach – stones, plants, objects discarded from ships,  „treasures“ or garbage, to „discoveries“ in the wider meaning – found landscapes or found ideas).Using Adobe Photoshop (or other software) students prepare and print their own ceramic decals. Students adopt principles of overglaze collage combining various techniques. The aim is to show a lot of possibilities using print on ceramics in different manners and how these methods develop ideas and open up new visual languages.