CIRRUS is a Nordic-Baltic network of Art and Design higher education. There are 20 excellent art and design schools from the Nordics and the Baltics in the circle of this cooperation. The central activities of the partner institutions are art and design, including innovative activities, technical development and artistic practices.

Digital Weaving. Express course in Bergen, 2018

Digital weaving

The Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, University of Bergen, will host a workshop in digital weaving, and invites students from all Cirrus institutions to attend the course.

Title of course: Digital Weaving
Teaching period: 5 February – 2 March 2018
Teacher(s): Jon Pettersen
Number of available place for Cirrus students: 2
Level: BA/MA
CIRRUS grant available: 330 travel (660 Iceland) EUR + weekly allowance 70 EUR


The course is aiming to provide extended knowledge about methods related to digital weaving. The course will provide:
• Skills in independent use of software and looms (TC-1 / TC-2 / Digital Jacquard)
• Insight into how we can exploit opportunities for systematic experiments
• Background for adaptation to industrial methods and external production

Course Content
• Development of ideas and visual starting points for further processing into woven expressions.
• Theory on principles and testing of methods for creating motive / pattern / texture / volume.
• Introduction and use in bindings and composition in 2 or more thread systems.
• Testing opportunities for variation in yarn types, density, texture and colors.
• Introduction and specialized use of software: Weavepoint, Photoshop, Nedgraphics (Texelle / Product Creator).

Organization of the course
Participants should make a project description, plan the work and collaborate on the implementation of the project. The work must be documented and presented for the group.

The Department of Fine Art collaborates with one of the leading weaving companies in Norway, and if the timing fits into their program, the course participants will, at the end of the course, be given the opportunity to produce works prepared during the course at Innvik AS in Stryn.

External participants will be accepted based on application and motivation letter. Please send your application to no later than 24 November.
For more information about the course, contact the course teacher, associate professor Jon Pettersen:

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